Season: Autumn-Winter Start: 19:30 Duration: ±4 hours Energy level: Easy Group size: 2-3 Minimum age: 16 incl. 1 adult
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To watch the Aurora Borealis, better known as the Northern Lights or Polar Lights, is a dream for many people all over the world. Most people ask when and where do i get to see the Northern Light? At what time exactly do they appear?

The Northern Lights are a nature phenomenon. It can be very weak, or it can be very strong. It can appear for seconds, minutes or hours. It can appear as a diffuse glow or beautiful dancing curtains. From the colour green, white and if we are very lucky red, violet, blue, yellow.
The least we need is a clear sky. Even a little bit cloudy weather does not have to be a problem, as well as moonlight. But surely, the darker the better view we have. Around Jokkmokk there are some beautiful spots to watch the Northern Lights. If, just if you do not get the chance to see these Northern Lights, look up to the sky anyway. Also during the day. The unique light around the Arctic Circle is beautiful in every way!

A lovely tour for couples, seniors or just 3 friends or family members who are not so keen on taking part in group activities.


  • This tour can be booked at the latest 1 day in advance
  • If you book the tour, we will keep in contact during the day untill 15.00 PM to decide if the tour will go on. After all, we want to be fair and only sell the tour if the chances are very high! We will monitor the weather- and aurora borealis forecast closely to make it a night to remember!
  • If the temperatures are 25 degrees below zero, or colder, the guide can decide not to proceed with the tour or to do a shorter tour. If possible we can also chance to another evening.


Good evening

Time : 19:30

Pick up att your accommodation in Jokkmokk

After the pick-up we will drive to some dark spots and try to find out which direction is the best to follow the Northern Lights. We probably have to change spots during the evening and take our time to make pictures. We will bring warm drinks and some snacks as well.


  • Tour by car. Coffee, tea or chocolate, sandwiches, cake
  • English, German, Dutch and Swedish speaking guide



  • Alcoholic beverage not included and not allowed
  • Transfer from accommodation outside Jokkmokk is possible at request and against additional costs
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    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name Price per person
    Start Tuesday 1 September 2020
    End Wednesday 23 December 2020
    1 - 3 Pax

Since it is a nature phenomen we can never guarantee when the Northern Lights appear. They are unpredictable.
There are some good apps who give a good prognoses and forecast about the chances.
Also we follow some webcams who give us a good idea about the weather circumstances and therefore possibilities if it is worth it to make to the tour or not.

The Northern Lights can be seen the whole year around. Because we have 24 hour daylight, no darkness during the summer, we say; the season up here in the North starts around the 15th of August. The sky is still very bright but it happens that there a very strong solar wind/storm is on it´s way.
September and Oktober are much better because the nights are getting darker.

If we are outside to search and see the Northern Lights we need patience. That means we get cold. We recommend at least to already bring gloves and a hat or hairband/earwarmers, Long Johns maybe during the autumn. To operate the camera, there are also some special thinner gloves, from merinowool. You can have them under your normal gloves or mittens. If you need to adjust the camera, you still have the thinner ones underneath instead of bare skin. Warm shoes or boots are also comfortable.

During winter, we recommend an overall, or a windproof trouser, wool socks, winter boots for extreme temperatures. Scarf, buff, mittens, hat are items you always must bring to this region during the cold season.

Nowadays lots of camera´s make good pictures. Sometimes i see pictures made with a mobile phone, unbelievable good.
Off course someone would like you to buy an expensive camera if you might think about buying one.
No one can decide for you if and what you would like to spend to buy a camera. Maybe your old one is good enough!

For your information, we have gathered some websites, where you can find lots of info and hopefully suitable for you!

1. English -
2. German/Deutsch -


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